Founded in 2020 with its headquarters in Singapore, Brown Brothers Media emerged from the collective vision and entrepreneurship of three brothers from Melbourne, Australia.

As a dynamic holding entity, we specialize in cultivating and managing a diverse portfolio of digital media assets. Our approach combines deep industry knowledge with innovative strategies to drive growth and realize the potential of the brands we work with.

The Team

Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

A successful entrepreneur, Lachlan is the founder of Hack Spirit, one of the world’s leading websites focused on practical psychology and relationship advice.

Lachlan’s business acumen has turned his insights from psychology into a thriving digital empire that simplifies complex ideas into actionable advice, making a significant impact in the personal development space.

Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown

Brendan is the visionary behind Global English Editing and The Expert Editor, premier services in the editing and proofreading industry.

His background as a professional writer, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, has led these platforms to become essential resources for authors and businesses around the globe. Brendan’s career began in journalism, where he honed his skills by covering various topics including politics and religion, before fully transitioning to the entrepreneurial world.

Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Co-founder of Ideapod and The Vessel, Justin has crafted a significant presence in the digital media landscape.

With academic credentials from the London School of Economics and the Australian National University, Justin has combined his expertise in international politics and psychoanalytic philosophy to foster environments where critical thinking and open dialogue thrive. His work amplifies important ideas and challenges societal norms, encouraging people to think deeply about the world around them.


At Brown Brothers Media, we pride ourselves on our straightforward and effective approach. We reject traditional hierarchical business models in favor of a more horizontal structure that empowers our team members and stakeholders alike.

This philosophy extends to our commitment to transparency in communication and decision-making processes, ensuring that we maintain integrity in all our endeavors.

Our philanthropic efforts reflect our commitment to social responsibility, with a focus on anti-slavery initiatives, environmental conservation, and innovative mental health solutions. We strive not just for business success but to make a meaningful impact on the world.